Achieve Perfect Synergy in Managing
Procurement for Shipping Operations


C-Procure is a cloud based marine e-procurement solution for buyers and sellers within the maritime industry.        C-Procure aims to provide integration of the buyers and suppliers around the globe to the ship owners and contractors.​


C procure retrieves all the Purchase Orders (PO) or Request for Quote (RFQ) created in your fleet management system. This is distributed to supplier chosen by you and the vendor quotes that is received in Cprocure’ s portal is accessed. Later you can review, verify and accept the quotes provided by the vendors that match your acceptance criteria.​

C procure aims to give a cost-effective integral solution to both small and large sized businesses. For our customers who lack a large fleet management system, C procure can offer a purchasing solution that has inbuilt portal for to help you to generate RFQ, manage vendor, track purchase orders and invoice management.​

  • Strategic management
  • Better vendor management
  • Diligent communications for both Internal & External purposes
  • Internal (communications with the vendor)
  • External (communication with Port call agents and freight providers)
  • Reports


  • Streamlined Requirement Generation
  • Workflow based Approvals
  • Robust Approvals Structure
  • Lower Idle Inventory
  • Database Vendor Negotiation
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance.




Product, Price, Category Management

Cost Centre Management

RFQ, Po, GRN & Invoice Management

Payment Tracker & Tax Management

Purchase Returns Management

Raise Requisition with Turnaround Time

Review & Approval Process

Vendor Login Portal

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